Monday, March 25, 2013

Yeah...I Really Own That: Jessi from Haircut & General Attitude

I've been following Jessi's blog, Haircut and General Attitude, since I first started blogging. Jessi's style is extremely unique and refreshing and I fell in love automatically. It's hard to pinpoint one word to describe Jessi's style as so many come to mind; romantic, classic, sweet, colorful, and the list goes on. What I adore about her style is that it so reminiscent of era's past. This girl not only incorporates history when she dresses (just look through her blog and you will see influences from all eras 20's-90's), but her beauty is of the ages. Seriously, this girl has a natural, classic beauty that reminds me of the great movie stars of the past. To top it off, Jessi is a sweetheart and her sweet and endearing posts filled with amazing style (that you WILL want to try and copy), will keep you coming back for more. Oh, and how awesome is her blog name!?

With that said, I am so happy to introduce you to the sweet and beautiful "Yeah...I Really Own That" guest blogger for March...

Jessi from Haircut and General Attitude

Hey dolls! I'm Jessi and I'm honored to be posting on the lovely Ashley's blog today! I love the idea of this series she came up with! So creative and fun. I've been following along so I was excited to join in.
My initial thought was that this would be an easy task. I had to have more than one questionable item hiding in my wardrobe, right? But it was harder than I thought! Maybe it had something to do with recently going through my clothes and getting rid of what I didn't wear in an effort to make some extra space, but I couldn't find anything! That's when I remembered this little tutorial I had pinned. So I grabbed one of my Hubby's flannel shirts and fashioned myself a skirt! I kept the rest of the outfit pretty simple and threw on my favorite velvet combat boots and tah-da!
What do you think? Would you actually wear this out or just keep it around as an idea for an "emergency skirt"? I can't decide. I think this particular shirt was a little thick so it tended to bunch up, but if it was a lighter fabric I might totally rock it around town!

Outfit Details:
Tee - Forever 21
"Skirt" - borrowed from the Hubby
Tights - Nordstrom Rack
Chambray & Boots - H&M


  1. oh my gosh Ashley you are WAY to sweet to me!! I should hire you to write my bio ;) jk. Thanks again for letting me guest post! I love the idea of this series, you're so creative! Glad to have you as a blog buddy :)

  2. Jessi is kind of all-around adorable (and I'm pretty sure I she met me through when I was on your YIROT!) and beautiful and lovely. I'm really adoring her boots here, and the fact that she turned her husband's flannel into a skirt. It's almost like a kilt, a totally adorable kilt. ;)

    && Ashley, oh my goodness, your comment was really lovely and touching and... you are just so sweet! I'm so glad to have met you (and Jessi, up there!) on this big blogosphere. Everyone is really supporting and non-judgemental on here and... it's just amazing, and I wonder why many people in real life aren't as amazing as the ones you find online. Thank you, thank you, thank you so very much for your kind friendship and words!! <3

    1. Yes Ali, that's how I found you! :) You're so sweet. That's funny this does kind of look like a kilt! I promise I wasn't trying to copy you haha you just have great style;)

  3. Great post! Very creative idea with the flannel shirt!

  4. Agreed, you wrote up Ashley's intro perfectly - haha, she's a timeless beauty and always has such fantastic outfit posts on her blog! She's such a wonderful blogger in general :)
    I love how she created a skirt out of her hubby's shirt! Haha, it totally works <3

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  5. I love her idea of wearing the plaid shirt as a skirt, very innovative :)

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  6. An interesting idea for a skirt.

  7. Jessi is awesome i love her!!
    and Ashley girl! your blog looks amaaaazing!!!
    it was about time for a little makeover huh? ;)
    looks great! :)

  8. Hi ^^ You have a good blog. Welcome to my life:

  9. Love her! And great new layout Ashley!
    xo Annie

  10. Aww I LOVE Jessi- and her looks really do remind me of movie stars from the past. She's just so glamorous all the time. And I love this post idea, it's so fun! That plaid skirt is interesting- oh the ideas you can find on pinterest. I would have never thought of that!

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  11. hello rock and roll! i dig it.


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