Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Florals, Glitter and...Leather?

 Top: 'Garden Grove Blouse' c/o August Wrinkle (On Sale Now!!)
Skirt: 'Vegan Leather Skater Skirt' - Tobi - Similar version at DailyLook HERE (sign up HERE to receive $10 off your first purchase!)
Sandals: 'Lavada Slide Sandles' from Target
Ring: 'Floral Fantasy Ring' via Jewelmint

One fall and winter piece I'm not particularly ready to put away for the warmer months? My vegan skater skirt. I love this skirt, which you may now realize as I've worn it HERE, HERE  and even HERE. I love how versatile it is and love that I sort of feel a little bit BA when I wear it. Not so much when my boyfriend tells me I look like I'm wearing plastic...but hey, whatevs, I own it.

To add a little girly-ness to this tougher piece, I added this absolutely gorgeous top from August Wrinkle. Seriously guys, the photos of this piece on the website do not do it justice. From the sheer material and the pretty floral print to the cutout in the back (you know this is my favorite:) ) and the slits in the arms, this top is the perfect spring/summer piece. I love that it has so many great qualities (when did I start talking about my clothing like they were people...?) that it can easily be the center of attention with jeans or leggings. It's so cute. So cute. Of course for the finishing touch, I added my new favorite Target sandals. Best purchase ever. Just sayin.


  1. This blouse is super cute on you!

  2. love your skirt.. :) gorgeous!

  3. This blouse kind of reminds me of J. Crew's newest hit print–it's so pretty! I love the shape of the skirt on you, too!

  4. What a pretty outfit,love the shirt and the skirt together ;)

  5. Agreed on the sandals. I love em so. And that skirt is rad!


  6. Floral, glitter, and leather? Hmmm... I think it works wonderfully! ;) That skirt looks so neat and 1) I wanna TOUCH IT and 2) I can understand why you don't wanna put it away. Heck, I think you can wear it all summer long!

    && bahahaha, Ashley, I just love that you had a conversation with yourself in my comments. It's so cute and so you. I totally do that sometimes, too. We're just too cool to be contained in a comment, ya know? Hehe, you make my daay. :D

  7. Haha, who knew we'd start talking about our clothes like people! I like that each bit has its own personality. Totally understand ;)
    This top really is gorgeous! I just looked it up on the site, and you're right - your photos do it more justice. Haha, it's absolutely lovely!
    Your glittery sandals are making me itch to pay a visit to Target now...they're just so cute!

    Trendy Teal

  8. That top really is so pretty. At first, I was like wow that's pretty. And then I saw the back of it and how it's so flowy and then it became pretty times 10. It looks amazing with your leather skirt. I usually only wear my faux leather skirt in the winter/fall but now i'm thinking I should wear it in the summer too. You are rocking it! And wow those shoes:) I think I need them haha!

  9. i love your skirt and that blouse is so pretty! it's perfect for the upcoming warmer seasons



  10. That shirt is so similar to J.Crew's punk floral print! Love it!


  11. I love that style of skirt - it looks good with EVERYTHING!



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