Wednesday, October 9, 2013

It's All About the Boots - UPDATED 2017!

 Top: Forever 21
Vest: American Eagle - Love this studded option HERE or this trendy camo version HERE
Scarf: Target
Jeans: American Eagle - similar HERE
Boots: Naturalizer BootsNaturalizer Boots, similar here

Other Great Riding Boots

 I have been such a bad blogger lately! I've said it before, but life is pretty hectic and I feel like I am living the same day over and over again.
5:30 am: Wake-up, lay in bed for 15 minutes, then get up and shower by 5:45. Ready and out the door by 7:05 and to school by 7:18 am-ish.
7:50 am: School starts. Spend the day teaching lessons to a group of wonderful, curious, mischievous 4th graders. I have quickly come to realize that there are not enough hours in the day to often get in all that needs to be taught, and the day flies by.
2:20 pm: Schools out. Send the kiddos on their way and plan and get things ready for the next day. I stay at school as late as 5, unless I have to be at my other job at 5. If that is the case, I head home about 3:30ish, SIT and eat a quick snack, finish any school work, and then head to work by 4:45. I work from 5-9:45pm, and then head home and eat a quick dinner.
10:00pm: In bed. Read for 2.5 minutes before my eyes become too heavy to even keep open. Sleep and repeat.

The one thing that I look forward to every single day, is reading my favorite blogs. Although I have sucked at commenting lately, the one thing that keeps me sane is keeping up to date with all of you guys! Thanks to those of you who continue to visit my blog and leave me sweet, sweet comments. They always make my day:)

When Naturalizer contacted me and asked me to style a pair of their famous Jersey boots, I was ecstatic! I have owned Naturalizer shoes before, and love that they are known for comfort and style, because really, who says to be stylish you can't be comfortable?!

I LIVE in boots, from September to March. Although I am a summer girl through and through, I love that fall and winter allows me to indulge in wearing boots every single day if I please. Boots look cute with anything and everything, and they keep my ankles warm. Bonus! Every year, I purchase a pair of brown boots that I wear to death. This year, I began my quest looking for something extremely comfortable, that could get me through a 7:20 am to 9:45 pm day, of working both jobs and spending roughly 13 hours on my feet.
My Naturalizer Jersey boots, quickly passed the test when I wore them 2 days in a row of working both jobs. I loved that when I got home, my feet weren't ridiculously sore and the next day, I wasn't hobbling around from been-on-my-feet-too-long-in-uncomfortable-shoe syndrome. Oh, and bonus? They look SO cute and chic with just about anything in my closet. I can't tell you how many compliments I have received or how luxe they look in person.

Since fall is all about layers, this is one of my favorite ways that I have worn them: holey skinnies, loose grey top, green utility vest and a oversized scarf. Let's be honest's really all about the boots:)

I am SO thrilled to be featured in Naturalizer's 'Style at Any Age' Blogger Challenge! Vote for the the style you like best, and be entered for a chance to win a pair of Naturalizer shoes of your own:) Voting ends October 30th!

Good Luck! 


  1. I love, love those boots! As cliche as it sounds, honestly one of the reasons that I love fall is specifically because of the wonderful boots!

  2. Hahaha, you do seem pretty dang busy, my GOODNESS! I hope you can find some time for your lovely self in there soon enough. Man, I know that feeling, though. I've been finding it hard to even make time to comment on things... and I'm running out of ideas for blog posts!

    SIGH we are busy old ladies. Hopefully one day we'll be busy old ladies who can meet up for a coffee break. ;) I dream of it!

    You look precious though. I love the boots, and it looks to me like you're SUPA READY FOR FAAALL!!!! !11

  3. You look great, it is about the boots. Voted for you! Good luck ;)
    And it is a crazy busy time of year, keep calm and look forward to the weekends, I hear ya!

    New England Romance

  4. I love those boots! So cute! Will there be an announcement for the Monicas closet gift cards contest soon?

  5. I love those boots! So cute! Will there be an announcement for the Monicas closet gift cards contest soon?

    1. Thank you, Kelly:) The announcement is on the Rafflecopter, and Monica contacted the winners! Thank you for entering!

  6. Omgsh, you're so busy! And I thought my schedule was bad...getting up by 5:30? Yuck 0_o Haha, but it seems to be a rewarding job for sure!
    And I know, there are some days where I'm too busy to comment on everyone's posts (although I always like to leave you a note because I love ya like that ;) haha). Hopefully you can find a little time for yourself!
    What an awesome pair of boots to get sponsored! They are definitely so chic and cute. I live in my boots during the fall/winter too!
    Ah, and as for my went very well :) I'm a little nervous to let on just how giddy I am right now!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I teach 4th grade too! I'm just jealous you get to wear fall weather clothes & it's still 80 degrees here in Hawaii! Your outfit is too cute & I especially love the scarf!

  9. great boots,look very comfy!!!!

  10. You're definitely getting my vote girl! Big fan of your style :) Love your boots, pants and scarf!

    By the way, thought you might be interested - picked one of your looks as my favorites. You can check it here:

  11. Cute outfit! :)


  12. you look so pretty:) love those boots! i have similar ones in black.

    lots of love xx

  13. I love this outfit! So so cute. I'm trying to come up with a way to style an outfit like it...I have a vest but its more of a lining to a forrest green jacket I have that can be removed...but it could work...maybe? haha Thanks for the inspiration.

    I love your blog...I wish I could like mine. I posted maybe four times and then just felt silly about it. Did you ever feel that way? I just can't get excited about it but I love to write.

    Oh also...your a teacher? Or did I make that up?

    1. I think the forest green lining could totally work!! Honestly, it's all about styling it:)
      As for blogging, I TOTALLY used to feel that way! I started blogging in 2010 and I can not tell you how many times I deleted the post! It wasn't until about 2 years ago that I actually started taking it seriously! To this day, I'm still prettyyyy private about it.

      Yes, I am a teacher, but right now I am just a substitute. Long term subbing until the end of December in a 4th grade class:)

    2. I hope that serious part kicks in for me with blogging...I love to write but yikes haha

      That's cool that you teach! I'm planning on going back to school next fall for teaching, but for high school. I want to be an English teacher and maybe do some creative writing electives.

  14. Oh, Wow! That is one awesome boots! Congrats for being chosen!

  15. ashley you are sooo gorgeous! and congrats to you! i'm so jealous. i need to raid your closet one day haha
    and about the whole "bad blogger" thing. totally think that about myself too. we can be bad blogging buddies

  16. this makes me want to go out and buy some distressed jeans! they're perfect!

    <3 max.
    petticoats & pantalones

  17. Those boots are indeed AH-MAZINGLY beautiful! Love this outfit on you :)

    Exploring My Style

  18. Cute boots! Naturalizer... Hmm, who knew??! ;)

  19. Just stumbled upon your blog - i love your style!

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