Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentines 4 Looks/1 Boot: Outfit #3 Everyday Sparkle

Hat: Roxy 
Tights: Target

For my Valentine's inspired look number 3, I wanted to wear this Little Mistress black embellished scallop detail chiffon skirt in a way that could be worn all day. 
I've seen many of you rocking adorable sparkly skirts while perusing your blogs in casual ways appropriate for all day, everyday. That was my goal.
The thing about a great sparkly skirt is that it can be easily dressed up or down!
By simply pairing this beauty with a pair of black tights, booties and a chunky knit sweater, I have a relaxed romantic look perfect for all day for my extended Valentine Saturday! Oh...and it's snowing...again... 

The giveaway for a piece of beautiful jewelry from Lesley's Chloe + Isabel Boutique is still in full swing! Enter now! 


  1. I have a serious thing for floppy hats right now! Love yours!

  2. What a gorgeous skirt! I love the dazzling embellishments :)
    Your Valentines looks were spectacular Ashley!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. brb BUYING this entire outfit.

    xx Shirley

  4. Hey,
    sweet pictures and a great outfit!
    I really like the skirt :)

  5. absolutely love this look! love how you were able to dress down the fancier skirt, which by the way is adorable!!

    hope you and your man had a great valentine's day!

    xo mk


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