Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Note to Self

 Sweater: c/o Oasap - love this option
Scarf: Aerie - another great plaid
Leggings: Forever 21
Clutch: Clare V.
Sunnies: Anthropologie - Similar 

It's always this time of year where I have to remind myself that it's still winter. All of the spring clothing starts popping up online and in the stores and I just get so excited to pull out my sundresses and open toed sandals. I forget that it's still winter and, at least where I live, I will be dressing like it for quiet a bit longer.

Get the Look


  1. Great look :)


  2. Loving the outfit...and I do the same thing haha. I want to dress for the beautiful 70 degree weather we are having with short sleeves and sandals, but have to remind myself it's only 70 degrees around 2 in the afternoon and still in the 40's in the morning time going to work.

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  5. Love the mix of tartan and leo!

  6. love that scarf!

    xx nikki

  7. Simple and chic!

    I do love the Clair V. clutch but I think it's getting a little old everywhere because every single blogger has it (or is it me?). And I do not see myself spending that much money on a clutch lol I hope to find a cheap and chic imitation clutch soon...

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