Monday, April 20, 2015

#Instagram Round-up!

March and April (so far) have been pretty great! I went to Cancun, Mexico for spring break, the weather has been warm and I've been getting to pull out my bright spring and summer pieces! 

Beach bag // shorts // shoes (Forever 21 - sold out, similar here) // sunnies 
Packing for Mexico included packing lots of bright colors and fun prints. This swimsuit (top // bottoms) is so cute...I might have a palm print obsession this year! 

 Early morning flights are always easier when you are heading somewhere fun! 

 The water was insanely beautiful. The perfect crystal blue ombre! 

Tassel cover-up (Tobi // similar) // flip-flops // Sunnies (The Sunglass Shop has SO many great aviator styles!)
Most of my outfits consisted of swimsuits, coverups, sandals and tassel necklaces! Click here to get 50% off of your first purchase at! 

Cover-up (Tobi/Similar) // Beach Bag 
 You definitely need an umbrella in Mexico...the sun was INTENSE. These little umbrella setups, or palapas were perfect. 

My favorite travel companion :) 

 Lunch on the beach everyday. These fish tacos were delicious! 

I wore my Happy Goose Shop tassel necklace practically everyday! 

 I had plenty of beachy #ootd's! They included lots of flowy pieces and of course, swimsuits!

 Even though my vacation is officially over, my daily outfits and accessories don't seem to know it! I can't stop wearing my favorite beachy pieces!
 I am so happy it is finally starting to warm up! I've been wearing so many bright colors and prints lately in celebration of Spring! 

 These jeans are my new FAVORITE. Perfectly distressed and really reasonably priced! I'm sort of in love with the entire BlankNYC line of denim now! You should definitely check them out if you are looking for some new jeans under $100! I've also been obsessing over iced white chocolate mochas! 

 I've been crazy over kimonos lately, but add a little fringe and I am in love! 

I just ordered these sandals off of Just Fab and am in LOVE! 
Sign up here to get 50% off your first purchase!! 

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  1. love love these pics! perfect! oh i miss the sea so much!


  2. so jealous of your beach trip!

    xx nikki


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