Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Summer Cardigan

 Top: American Eagle (similar here and here) // Cardigan: Free People // Shorts: Forever 21 // 
Shoes: Dolce Vita // Bag: Sole Society // Hat: Mott 50 c/o // Necklace: Shinymix 'Lucky Fringe' layered necklace c/o // 

This is one of my go to summer outfits. Light printed shorts, a simple tank and a lightweight cardigan to throw on when it cools off! I got this cardigan last year and it has been one of my all time favorite purchases. I love the length, but I also love that it is lightweight and not overly bulky. It can be worn year round, but is the perfect piece to throw in your bag when heading to the movies or to take with you when you are heading out on the lake!

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  1. Love the boho vibe of this look.


  2. Love this outfit! You look adorable! Love those shoes!

  3. Such a pretty, summery look! I love the longer cardigans/dusters this season, and this one you're wearing is no exception. Great print shorts too! :)

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  4. Very nice ensemble! Great shorts!

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