Friday, July 3, 2015

Party Like It's 1776!

 It's one of the most wonderful times of the year! The 4th of July! Ever since I was little, the 4th has been one of my favorite holidays. It has always been filled with summer fun, including swimming and boating, good food, and fireworks. This year we will be celebrating like we always do, spending the day on the lake, BBQ-ing and curling up under the stars to watch the big firework show. 

As always, my 4th fashion involves lots of red, white and blue. This little scallop mini skirt is only $45 and one of my newest favorite pieces. It's the perfect summer skirt (it also comes in black) and is so comfortable! I paired it with the CUTEST top from Antique Garden that is only $24! I am obsessed with the high neckline and exposed zipper detailing in the back and have been wearing this top repeatedly! In fact, I changed out the accessories and un-tucked the shirt for a completely different look, so be looking for that on the blog next week! 

A quick little PSA...I know the 4th is filled with fireworks and with firework stands everywhere, it's hard not to indulge, but PLEASE be careful! After the wildfire that swept through my neighborhood at the beginning of this week completely devoured 30 homes, including the neighbors all around us (our house is literally one of the only standing on part of the street...we are so incredibly blessed), I have seen first hand how a small flame can quickly get out of hand. Pay attention to burn bans and make sure your area is not at risk. If you do purchase fireworks, be careful where you light them and use all precautions necessary, or just forgo them altogether and find out where you can watch your town's fireworks (usually free of charge and put on by professionals).  I don't want to be all naggy, but after seeing the devastation just outside my backdoor, I am definitely weary of personal fireworks on the 4th! 

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