Monday, July 17, 2017

Summer to Fall Slip Dress

Look 1: Slip Dress (Printed Version Here) // Similar Denim Jacket Here and Here // Slides // Similar Bags Here and Here // Taudrey Necklaces - Love Loop Choker and Twinkle Necklace // Watch

Look 2: Slip Dress // Cardigan // Scarf // Bag // Booties 

Happy Monday! Did you enjoy your weekend? E and I went to dinner and a movie on Friday night. We saw Baby Driver and if you are looking for a good date night movie I highly recommend! E and I BOTH really enjoyed it. It definitely kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time! Saturday was a pretty chill day spent around the house. Sunday, E and I headed up to the lake for a day date where we ate the most delicious pizza and played a round of mini golf. I have to say I am enjoying every minute of my summer vacation! 

On another note, have you been shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?! I have placed a few orders and am still waiting on the rest of my packages to arrive so I can share a review of my purchases. In the meantime, check out some of my sale favorites and top selling must have items

One of my favorite sale purchases thus far has to be this little slip dress. I got it late Friday and even though I was already dressed for date night, I had to change JUST so I could wear this sweet little number. At under $35 this is a versatile piece to have in your wardrobe as it will transition perfectly into the colder months. I can definitely see this being one of my go to work dresses because it is so easy to layer! This dress is under $35 and has adjustable straps! I wore it for date night with a denim jacket tied around my waist (needed this for the chilly movie theater!) and my favorite slides. When the weather gets cooler, I will layer it up with a scarf, cardi and booties (as pictured below - all items from Nsale!), and in the winter, I could easily see myself pairing this with leggings and riding boots!

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  1. This is the most perfect dress! I love it with the denim jacket tied around it too. So cute!

  2. Love how you styled it both ways, the color of the dress looks great on you also

  3. I am in love with both of these looks!! They both look so perfect!

  4. This is such a pretty dress and I love the way that you styled it.

  5. Wow!! Love how you styled these looks! So perfect!!

  6. You look so cute, I love that dress on you girl!! super casual and cute.

  7. Great summer to fall look! I love the color of your dress it looks good with your neutral items!

  8. Love how versatile this dress is! Toss on leggings, and it works year round!
    - Katherine

  9. I'm obsessed with how you styled it for both Summer & Fall! Def a look I will be recreating! Thanks for the inspo!

  10. Such a great dress and love seeing how versatile it is!

  11. love these shots and the way you styled the scarf! can't believe fall is around the corner!
    Tonya @

  12. Yes! Such a great transitional piece. Hard to think about fall as hot as it is, but it's coming. Love that color and how you styled it with the denim then the scarf! Love both looks!

  13. I got this dress in the printed version. I can't wait to receive it in the mail.

  14. In love with that first bag! Love how you've styled both of these looks!

    Kelly x

  15. Slip dresses are my actual favorite. Such a great color on you too!

    @trendyinindy ||

  16. Sounds like such a fun date night! I love the casual way you styled your slip dress, its sadly wayyy too hot here to pull mine out, but I'm looking forward to autumn when I can throw it on again!

    Meaghan xx

  17. Okay, SOLD! Love, love, love that colour on you and I need this slip dress ASAP!!


  18. Love versatile pieces like this! It would be so cute for fall!

    April |

  19. I love how you styled this for Summer and Fall! Those pearl studded sandals are absolutely amazing <3

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