The one thing I love most about blogging is the amazing bloggers I have had the chance to become ‘blog friends’ with. It’s crazy amazing how you can meet people from all across the blogosphere and create real friendships through the world wide web. 

I stumbled across Ali’s blog, The Drawing Mannequin, through Linda from Trendy Teal (remember her awesome guest post about her Christmas Sweater?!). I was instantly captivated by Ali’s blog, as she showcases her many talents. Not only does Ali have a flair for fashion, sharing her unique and adorable style, but is also a comedian (I often find myself laughing out loud while reading her posts), and an AMAZING artist. I feel that calling her an amazing artist does not even do her work justice, as Ali has a way of bringing her blog to life with realistic and captivating artwork that I am so glad she shares with her reader’s (seriously, check it out HERE!) 

Welcome the lovely and talented “Yeah…I Really Own That” guest blogger for January…

Ali from The Drawing Mannequin

 “Well, hey there, people of Ashley’s blog! My name is Ali Hval, and I’m from the land of The Drawing Mannequin. Before I start talking all fancy-like, I must thank Ashley for letting me reign over her blog with my almighty powers on this fabulous day. She’s a lovely lady, she is, and I’m so glad to have met such a sweet soul as herself on this big ole blogosphere. 

When Ashley contacted me to do this post, I had a few things in mind: some clear platform heels (aka stripper heels) I purchased for a specific beauty walk that I was coerced into doing in the 11th grade, versus this authentic kilt that was my mom’s in the 80s.  Fearing a negative lash toward my non-existant reputation on the internet, I chose the kilt.  It’s a strange piece to style, this kilt is.  It has to be buckled on from two ends, and I’m actually wearing it backwards so that the pleats are in the front… Plus, it’s kinda itchy.  But hey, that doesn’t mean it can’t be fabulous, too!  Who says you can’t wear a kilt as an every day sort of thing?  Maybe the Scottish police, but they can’t catch me in America, land of the free.  I’d like to see you try, you Scottie cops.

I chose to keep this outfit rather simple with sheer tights and a ruffly cream top that is quite reminiscent of fancy writers who sit in castles and scrawl words on parchment with quill and ink.  Then, I added these Jeffrey Campbell shoes which I received for Christmas.  I didn’t feel the need to accessorize too much since the kilt is already quite the statement piece in itself, as is the busy, ruffly top.  I’m pretty crazy, but I can’t make things too crazy.  I hope I’ve managed to prove that yes, even Scottish formalwear can be something that one can wear on a daily basis.  Can’t believe my mom even owned one of these… Crazy lady, right?”

 Long Sleeve T: Old Navy

Jacket: ‘Safari Cargo Jacket’ via Tobi (Available in Khaki HERE)

Scarf: Target – Get the look with a Caring Cowl

Pants: Tribal Jeggings via American Eagle

Boots: ‘Taupe Lace Up Studded Combat Boots‘ via Windsor

Ring: Target

Bracelet: Vintage 

Do you guys ever feel like you are living the same day over and over again? That has been me for the past few weeks. Everything is so boring lately! I definitely have a case of the January blah’s and am ready for this month to be over! Thank goodness February is just around the corner.

Sometimes it isn’t all about that fantastic statement piece that makes an outfit, but rather the subtle details that pull everything together. This is how I felt about this throw on ensemble that I wore this weekend…it’s all in the details. I am obsessed with these jeggings I got for Christmas. Obsessed to the point where my sister got them first and rather than just borrow them from her, I had to have my own pair (sometimes I can be such a copycat, oops!). The print is subtle enough that they can be mixed with just about anything, but is way more fun than a solid color.

This jacket has been my favorite purchase this year, as it is light, but allows me to layer up underneath.  The other day, I had on a tank top, a long sleeve t, a thermal andddd a wool sweater, with a scarf and this coat and I didn’t even break a sweat while sitting in Starbucks like I totally would have while rocking my North Face. Thank you, safari cargo jacket, for allowing me to stay cozy and at the perfect temperature!

And can we just talk about these boots!? So happy I snagged them for $37 when I have been lusting after the pricer Steve Madden version. Sometimes being a copycat is a great thing 🙂

 Top: The Life We Live Top (in Olive Brown) – c/o August Wrinkle

Scarf: H&M

Skirt: Forever 21

Tights: Target

Boots: BP ‘Runway’ Boots – Nordstroms 

Bracelet: Gifted

Earrings: ‘Take Back the Night’ (in Black)’ – c/o August Wrinkle (check out the super cute MINT version!) 

 ** I’m obsessed with these earrings! They are the perfect stud earrings. A great size and shape**

GUYS! Hi. I’m not very good at blogging in the winter…if you haven’t figured that out already :[ On top of being busy, the chilly 10 degree weather makes it really hard for me to come out of the cozy indoors to snap some photos. I know a lot of you understand from reading your blogs. The winter time seems extra busy and I’m definitely missing the slower paced, lazy days of summer right about now.

Okay, but enough ranting.

You all should know by now that I’ve got a serious crush on the hi-lo trend, so when August Wrinkle sent me this top, I was pumped. The majority of my hi-lo items are skirts, so this shirt was a new way to style the trend. What I adore about this top is the color, texture and the unique hi and lo hemline (duh!). Pairing it with a bodycon skirt, tights, and the biggest scarf known to mankind, I definitely felt perfectly layered up for a chilly weekend outing.

PS- For their 1st birthday, August Wrinkle is celebrating with a special offer: before checking out, enter code: birthdayparty to reveal a special discount on your order. Hurry! Code is only available on orders placed today! Happy Birthday August Wrinkle!! 

Jacket: Urban Outfitters (Old)

Dress/Tunic: Voile Trapeze Slip via Free People – Get it HERE

Tights: Target

Boots: Guess (Gifted)

Cowl: Caring Cowls – Get yours HERE

Ring: ‘Floral Fantasy Ring’ by Jewelmint – Get it HERE

 Happy New Year!! I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season and are now enjoying the fresh start that 2013 has delivered. I certainly enjoyed the holidays, and am excited for what 2013 has in store, but am sad to see the Christmastime season over. I’m done with winter and snow and now wish I could hibernate until spring!

I took these pictures almost a month ago now, but lost them in the mess of my very unorganized computer files. When I stumbled across them, I knew I had to share as I am wearing two of my very favorite items. Have you ever purchased something and you swear it is the best purchase you have ever made? This is how I feel towards my Free People ‘Voile Trapeze Slip’. We all know that I’m a sucker for versatile clothing, and that word describes this slip to a T. It’s my favorite thing to layer up and/or throw on over a swimsuit in the summer. It’s gorgeous detailing also allows it to spice up more boring pieces. Yes, I am in love.

Another one of my favorites? My Caring Cowl! I have quite a few of these cowls stashed away, and have been wearing them almost daily. With these frigid temps, they are definitely my number one winter staple!

On a far more exciting note, I am thrilled to announce the Twenties Girl Style Favorite Things Giveaway winner, Kym of Bitty and Bunny!  Congrats Kym!!

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