Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are finding lots of great deals this Black Friday! I just wanted to quickly share with you that GroopDealz is offering 10% off your order today until 11pm! Stay tuned for more great GroopDealz finds headed your way soon!

 Top: Victoria’s Secret PINK – Essential V-Neck Tee (THE BEST!)

Skirt: Nordstroms BP – Heathered Side Slit Maxi Skirt (Now on Sale!) 

Coat: Forever 21 – Southwestern Inspired Utility Coat (Now on Sale!)

Beanie: Neff Beanie – in Maroon

Socks: Forever 21 Boot Socks

Boots: Old 

 Although I am thankful every day, today is a special day to really truly remind myself of how lucky I am to be surrounded by the people in my life. I am so thankful for my loving family. My mom and dad who have supported me through EVERYTHING, my siblings, who all though we have our moments, I still adore completely, and my entire extended family, who I am so thankful to be so close to.
I am thankful for the boy who has been by my side for almost 7 years! We’ve grown up together and have come so far. He is my best friend and puts up with me even on my grumpiest days. I can’t imagine my life without him. I am thankful for my friends, who although I don’t see very often due to distance, whenever we get together or talk on the phone, it’s like we have never been apart at all. The list could go on and on, but I will leave it short and simple.

Who are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? 

GroopDealz Finds Week 6

1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5. / 6.

So many great finds on GroopDealz this week that I had to share!

1. Aztec Print Sweater: Such a fun print and so on trend this fall! I would love to wear this with olive skinny jeans and the black boots pictured in item #4!
2. Amazing Fleece Leggings: I’ve got about three colors of these sitting in my GroopDealz shopping cart right now. I discovered fleece lined leggings last fall, and there is nothing better! These come in 14 amazing colors and would be perfect for a cold winter day.
3. Preppy Harvard Striped Cardigan: I love stripes! I also love cardigans. Therefore, this is the perfect cardi for me! The stripes put a new spin on the average cardi, and how adorable does it look paired with a chunky knit scarf?
4. Easton Riding Boot: I am in the market for new black boots and these are definitely a contender. I am obsessed with the adorable buckle detailing at the top! They also come in brown:)
5. Crystal Stargazer Necklace: This beautiful necklace comes in 5 fantastic colors and at only $8, it’s the perfect Christmas gift for any lady on your list! I’ll take one of each, please!
6. Bloomington Blush Lace Blouse: The back of this blouse though! Seriously, is this not perfect for the holiday season?? The lace bow back is so flattering and the color is peach perfection.

HANAair Professional Hair Dyer Review

I had been in the market for a new blow dyer for quite some time, when Misikko contacted me. They sent me the HANAair Professional Hair Dryer and I was beyond excited to try it. I’ve been using it for over two weeks now and I can honestly tell you, I am obsessed!
With my old blow dyer, It would take SO long just to get my hair completely dry. This was a huge pain, especially on early mornings when I was rushing to get out the door. Drying my hair took up more than half of my time getting ready, and I more often than not ended up throwing my half wet hair up into a top knot. I am so impressed with how quickly the HANAair dryer dries my hair…and completely dry, too, leaving no damp spots. My hair also seems shinier and healthier, which is a huge bonus. I also love the different settings, with two fan speeds, three heat settings and a cold shot button. The only con I could possibly find with this blow dryer was the price. At it’s current sale price on Misikko.com, it is $194.99. This is pretty steep for a blow dryer, but with how well it is made and how well it works, I would say it’s worth every penny! Plus, it came in extremely cute packaging, including things like a round brush, nail files, hand sanitizer, a teddy bear, eyelash curler, and a heat proof pouch. This blow dyer is awesome. I am so happy to have finally found one that does a job well done! 

As you probably know, I have a pretty huge blogroll of blogs I check out on the daily. As a blogger, I am constantly lurking the net for new bloggers and styles to obsess over. There are a few bloggers (many of which you have met through my blog), that I have been following since the very beginning. When you check blogs so often and exchange comments back and forth you create bonds over the world wide web and these people become your blogging friends. One of those wonderful ladies who I’ve been following since the beginning? Miss Rory of Wear Abouts

When I first discovered Rory’s blog, I was blown away. This girl is still in high school (senior year!), and ridiculously talented. She’s an amazing writer and is always adorably styled. Honestly, I expect this girl to go big places and am so excited to follow her journey through her blog! Rory’s style is quirky and cute. She has the perfect way of mixing whimsy and chic that will have you dying to try new and unique combinations that you never would have expected to work. This girl is one of my style icons:) 

With that said, I am so excited to introduce you to the beautiful and talented November Yeah…I Really Own That guest blogger…

Rory from Wear Abouts 

 While there are many specific items I own that may cause my mom, her coworkers, or various other skeptical non-fashion-enlightened old women to judge, I decided to do my own take on the “Yeah I Really Own That” series. I’m not focusing on one piece…rather, I’m focusing on a whole category. 


I own so much crochet that whenever I see crochet at the mall, in any form, I think OMG I WANT THIS….and then I realize…oh wait, I have something pretty much identical. I usually wind up getting it anyway, as you may be able to see from some of the similar shirts I’m showing off in this post. I’ve got a collection, borderline obsession, with this weird fabric that has holes in it.

And despite my best efforts to offer lots of different outfits in this post, I’d be lying if I told you that this was the most diverse group of crochet pieces I could show you. Because it’s not. I’ve got about at least 5 more crochet-type pieces in some form in my closet–crochet headbands, crochet shoes, a crochet bikini…probably even a tiny crochet vest from my Aeropostale days that I held onto just because I LITERALLY LOVE CROCHET. It’s not weird; like I said, it’s a collection. That’s normal! Normal people collect things! But…maybe by next summer once I’ve done my annual crochet shopping trip it will be an obsession. Until then, consider me normal, enjoy mycollection and revel with me in the fact that yes, I really do own THAT much crochet.

Thanks for having me Ashley, and Twenties Girl Style readers…check out my blog Wear Abouts if you’ve got a moment.