Repeat Offender + #WIWT Link-Up!

 Jacket: Forever 21 

Dress: ‘I Heart Babydoll’ Dress c/o Lovers + Friends // top version here 

Boots: Nordstrom BP ‘Trolley’ 

Purse: Rebecca Minkoff 

Sunnies: Anthropologie – similar 

Nope! You aren’t having deja vu! You have seen this dress around these parts before! In fact, it was less than a week ago that I shared this dress as one of my Mexico vacation outfits! I told you I have been wearing it a lot! 

Now, let’s be real. Who isn’t a repeat offender when it comes to clothing? If you invest in a piece, chances are that you are planning on wearing it again and again….and again. As fun as it would be to have a brand new outfit every single day, it’s not realistic. Real women wear and re-wear and part of the fun is mixing and matching to style old pieces in new ways. Now I may not have gone crazy with re-styling this dress, as I just added a denim jacket and changed out the shoes (which are my all time favorite piece to repeat in my wardrobe!), but the point is that even though you don’t always see me repeat on the blog, repeating in real life is a must and a given!

You also may have noticed my obsession with Rebecca Minkoff. Her crossbody bags are the perfect size and come in a wide variety of styles and fun colors. I think the thing I like the most about Rebecca Minkoff crossbody’s is that while they are a pricier purchase, they still won’t break the bank and it’s a classic style that you are sure to get tons of wear out of! 

I hope you don’t mind that I am being a huge repeat offender today, but I think I will try and share a few more of my favorite repeats on the blog more often!


Get the Look

My link-up of the week from last week is the gorgeous Sofia of Stylishly in Love! I absolutely adore Sofia’s chic pairing of a pencil skirt, heeled sandals and a stunning floral off the shoulder top! This outfit has definitely inspired me to try something similar this spring! Thanks Sofia!

Link-up with Jalynn, of The Red Closet Diary, and I for our weekly #WIWT link-up!

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    I'm so in love with your dress Ashley!!! Thank you for this lovely linkup!!

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