Cold Shoulders + Sun Hats

 Dress: c/o Chicwish || Clutch: Necessary Clothing – currently sold out, but I have the bag in this print too || Hat: Target || Necklace: Boho Beads c/o || Shoes: Nordstroms (on sale!) || Sunnies: Karen Walker

I guess we could just call this the week of ‘The Hat’. Do I ever take it off? Rarely. Get used to it, because it is going to be the biggest repeat offender EVER on this blog! In fact, I think it might even make an appearance tomorrow. Guys, I just love it! 

Another thing I can’t stop repeating? Off the shoulder/cold shoulder pieces. Looking at my spring/summer purchases, many of them have this little detail. Oh, and this color blue. I’ve been so drawn to it lately, I mean even my nails are painted this color! Therefore, you can imagine my excitement when I came across this sweet little number! I love that this piece can be a dress or a tunic top! It also comes in white! 

I have to tell you ONE more of my current obsessions…Star Mela bags! I’ve been having a total embroidered moment, if you couldn’t already tell, and Star Mela bags have totally won over my heart. The embroidery and embellishments are seriously gorgeous. From crossbody bags to clutches to beach bags, they have something for any occasion! You’ve probably seen me with my Star Mela Jui clutch once or twice, and I can’t stop using it! It’s definitely going to be my favorite bag this summer! 

Okay, I’ve shared my recent obsessions. What are yours??

Get the Look

My blog of the week from last week’s link-up is the adorable Brianne of Being Bracco! I am sort of obsessed with the way she paired a fun neon midi with a denim vest! This is definitely a look I will be repeating this summer! Thanks for the inspo, sweet girl! 


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  1. May 8, 2015 / 4:59 pm

    You are too sweet!! Thank you so much girly for choosing me as your blog of the week! And a great off the shoulder piece and sun hat is perfect for Summer…#obsessed 😉


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