Basics with a Twist

 Top: American Eagle (similar) // Pants: DSTLD ‘ripped low rise skinny jeans’ c/o // Shoes: Old – identical // Bag: Hayden Harnett ‘All Day’ Leather Satchel c/o // Hat: Old – tons of great floppy hat options here // Necklace: Shiny Mix ‘Dynasty Bib’ c/o // 

 This is my favorite outfit lately. I have been wearing some combination of this look for the past two weeks. Jeans and a tee or tank with a statement necklace and fun shoes. It’s easy to wear and easy to remix, hence why it’s on constant repeat! I am loving heeled sandals at the moment, as they are the ultimate addition to any outfit. They seem to make any outfit instant chic, take this outfit for example…it definitely doesn’t have the same appeal with a pair of booties or sandals! I am currently on the hunt for a few new pairs to add to my closet, but the list of contenders is huge. Check out just a few (okay maybe way more than a few…) of my favorite heeled sandals here!

Get the Look

Last weeks blog of the week is Crissy of Some Velvet Morning . I am absolutely in love with the vibrant colors and patterns in this post! This dress is SO fun for summer, and I love the unexpected pop of shoe color. She paired it with some daintier jewelry, but the best accessory is the gorgeous flowers! What a perfect combo! 

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  1. June 19, 2015 / 7:21 pm

    Love that top mixed with the statement necklace! Such a chic and edgy look… you're rockin' it!

    Steph – Signing Steph

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