Top (actually a dress!): Nasty Gal // Bottoms: DSTLD ripped hi-waisted skinnys c/o// Shoes: Just Fab // Bag: Sole Society // Hat: Target // Necklace: ‘Lunette’ Long Pendant Necklace c/o Chloe + Isabel by Vanessa // Bracelets: ‘Lunette’ Open Cuff Set c/o Chloe + Isabel by Vanessa // 

 Last weekend when I was at the lake, one of the days ended up being a little cooler than I had expected. You know that moment when you realize you have completely packed ALL wrong for the weather? What’s a girl to do?! Improvise of course!

This little off the shoulder dress was one of my favorite pieces I took to Mexico. I packed it for the weekend, knowing it would be perfect to wear for Memorial day, even if I just wore it as a swimsuit cover-up. I also packed my new favorite hi-waisted skinnys from DSTLD. I decided to tuck the dress into the jeans to make a flowy off the shoulder top. Add some gorgeous jewelry from Chloe + Isabel (I am OBSESSED with their newest line!), a hat and some sandals and I was ready for the chillier weather. Improvising this outfit on the fly actually worked! This was one of my favorite looks of May!

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