Mauve Cardigan

Cardigan // BlankNYC Jeans // Similar Taupe Booties // White Tee // Kelly Wynne ‘Mingle Mini’ Bag in Infinite Lights // Timex Watch //

In the fall and winter, you can usually find me in a cozy sweater. There is no easier way to layer up and stay warm! When I saw this pretty mauve cardigan sweater, I immediately added it to my cart. Not only is this sweater literally the softest thing ever, but it’s also under $25! It comes in 3 colors and I’m seriously considering buying the other two (especially the pretty green), because I know I will bet getting so much wear out of this comfy cardi all fall and winter long! 


  1. October 10, 2016 / 12:58 pm

    Such a pretty sweater!!! Love the color!!

  2. October 10, 2016 / 4:50 pm

    I adore the color of this cardigan!

  3. October 10, 2016 / 6:22 pm

    Long cardigans are my favorite, especially for fall and I love that color!

  4. October 10, 2016 / 9:23 pm

    I usually gravitate towards outfits with really bright colors but I must say this outfit is on point! Everything about this is so chic and effortless- your jeans are distressed denim heaven and I love your purse! Can't wait to start wearing cardigans here in Houston!

  5. October 11, 2016 / 3:11 pm

    Love the comfy casual look here with the long cardigan and ripped jeans! Perfect for fall <3

  6. October 11, 2016 / 4:37 pm

    Love love love this cardigan! I love how well it pairs with the soft grey color of your booties!

  7. October 11, 2016 / 5:48 pm

    Oh it's super cute!!! I need to add this to my mauve roundup! I'm so obsessed with this color.

  8. October 11, 2016 / 8:47 pm

    GReat ensemble!

  9. October 12, 2016 / 7:25 am

    This is such a lovely sweater! The fit, and that beautiful, soft, COLOR! Perfect for Fall weather. Love it!

  10. December 3, 2016 / 11:48 am
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