Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Last Call!

Top //  Similar Tote Bag ON SALE // Denim (not on sale but under $60) // 

Mules (available in 3 colors) 

Happy Sunday! 

Today marks two weeks left of summer vacation! I will be heading in to the classroom this week to start setting up. I had to move rooms in June, so I have a lot of work ahead of me!! 

Sharing a rare Sunday post today in honor of the LAST DAY of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! I will be perusing the website one last time to make sure I didn’t miss any goodies! I remember being frustrated that I didn’t buy a few items on sale last year as I ended up purchasing for full price later in the fall. Not falling to that this year! 

My outfit today consists of many sale items STILL IN STOCK! My favorite has to be this cold shoulder satin top that comes in two colors and is fully stocked in both! I tried this on when I visited Nordstrom last Monday and fell in love with the dusty pink color and pretty bow ties! This is one of those pieces that will transition perfectly from summer to fall and it’s a fun date night top!

I’m rounding up the best of the best that is still in stock! Head to the bottom of the post to shop now! Remember, prices go up tomorrow, so take advantage while you can!! 

A little disclaimer…it’s super smokey here due to a fire (that is actually quite far away), that is sending all the smoke our way. We have been blanketed in a cloud of smoke for just about a week now and I miss the blue sky and sunshine! While we shot my outfits for this week, the sun was completely orange, giving all of my photos an eery glow. You might see a few posts this week that look a little off in color and that is why!! 


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Still in Stock and Ready to Shop


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