What’s Your Mood?

As a full time teacher and blogger, I am one busy girl. I feel like I am always on the go. My weekly to-do lists are long ones, filled with a wide range of items to check off, from lesson planning to taking photos. Practicing self-care is one way I stay sane amidst my hectic schedule. Taking time for myself is essential when faced with everyday challenges and a stressful full schedule. One of my new favorite ways to pause, reset and take a moment for myself  is with personal care brand, MOOD.

MOOD, a new wellness collection exclusive to AE, features products infused with hemp-based CBD. CBD, short for cannabidoil, is a non-psychoacitve cannabinoid derived from hemp and used for it’s beneficial wellness properties that work naturally to create a calming effect.

The MOOD line features 6 unique scents in a wide range of products, so there is something for everyone! The scents include focused (citrus), refreshed (coconut), soothed (eucalyptus), chill (vanilla), and zZz (lavender). These scents come in hand cream, body cream, body lotion, bath bombs, bath soaks, sugar scrub, face oil, foaming face wash, lip salve, lip balm, muscle balm, aromatherapy oil and pillow mist.

My favorites include the lotions and creams, especially the Chill body cream. It’s extremely moisturizing and soothing and my favorite to use after a shower early in the morning, my moment to just chill before the day starts. The creams and lotions are really skin-softening and stick with you through the day. When I get home from the classroom, I love using the Energized aromatherapy oil. It’s my moment to decompress and re-energize before sitting down and getting to work on all things blog related. When it’s finally time for bed, I love spritzing a little zZz pillow mist on my pillow. It’s my moment to relax, and this calming scent smells seriously heavenly before I drift off to sleep.

With 6 scents, I love that I have options to choose from. I can change my MOOD as easily as I change my outfit!

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