Victoria Emerson Black Friday BOGO Sale!

The Black Friday sales are going strong, and there are SO many deals to shop! If you are going to shop just one sale during Cyber Week though, let it be the Victoria Emerson BOGO sale!

It’s no secret that I absolutely love Victoria Emerson bracelets! It is rare that I leave the house without at least one of their famous wrap bracelets or boho cuffs! That’s why I am so excited about their Black Friday BOGO sale! The entire site is buy one, get one FREE!

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you’ve seen my wear a wide variety of Victoria Emerson bracelets! They are my absolute favorite accessory and complete any look! It’s probably no surprise, but I am obsessed with these bracelets! They unique and versatile and I love that they give the appearance of a fab arm party but are really just one bracelet!

Tis the season of giving, and these bracelets make an AMAZING gift for anyone in your life! I plan on snagging a few for my co-workers, mom, mother-in-law, grandma and sisters during the sale. If you are looking for a gift for your child’s teacher, a Victoria Emerson bracelet would be a great option. A unique gift that she probably hasn’t received before! As a teacher, I know I would love to receive one of these as a gift! At the BOGO price, you can even pick up one for yourself!

Check out a few ways I have styled my bracelets for fall and some of my sale favorites below!

Shop my Victoria Emerson sale picks

Freshwater Pearls Wrap on Natural 

Pink and Mixed Marble Wrap and Heart Double Wrap on White

Milan Boho Cuff

Alicante Boho Cuff

A big thanks to Victoria Emerson for sponsoring this post! As always, all selections and opinions are my own.

Shopbop Buy More, Save More SALE!

The Cyber Week sales have officially started! One of my FAVORITES to shop this time of year is the Shopbop Buy More, Save More Sale! Lots of my closet staples are part of the sale, like my Levi’s Denim and Sorel boots. Now is the perfect time to snag the trendy sweater you’ve been eyeing or that investment bag you’ve been eyeing! Get up to 25% off with code MORE19. Happy shopping!

Rebecca Minkoff Cross Body Bag // Levi’s Denim // Karen Walker Sunglasses // Sorel Boots // Rebecca Minkoff Backpack // Free People Cream Sweater // Free People Grey Sweater  // Sam Edelman Winter Boots // Endless Rose Sequin Peplum // Free People Sequin Top // BB Dakota Dress // Rebecca Minkoff Shoulder Bag // BB Dakota Sweater // Sam Edelman Combat Boots 

Holiday PJ Try On

Holiday PJs are one of my FAVORITE things this time of year! I thought I would round up some of the best options out there! I will continue to update this post as I get more in and will share some collages of some holiday pj gift guides! Get all of the links, sizing and some discount codes below!

Pullover (size small) // Shorts (size small) // Slippers (this year’s version)

Flannel Top (small) // Shorts (small) // Slippers (this year’s version)

Pullover (small – use code ASHLEY20 for 20% off) // Joggers // Reindeer Slippers (use code ASHLEY20 for 20% off)

PJ Set (size xs) // Slippers

PJ Set (size xs) //Slippers

PJ Set (size xs) // Reindeer Slippers (use code ASHLEY20 for 20% off)

PJ Set (small) // Reindeer Slippers (use code ASHLEY20 for 20% off)

PJ Set (size xs) // Slippers

PJ Set (size xs) // Reindeer Slippers (use code ASHLEY20 for 20% off)

Pullover (size small – use code ASHLEYG15 for 15% off) // Bottoms (part of above set – size xs) // Slippers (this year’s version)

Pullover (size small – use code ASHLEY20 for 20% off) // Robe // Joggers // Reindeer Slippers (use code ASHLEY20 for 20% off)

Billie Razors and the Smoothest Shave

In July I made one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I made the switch to a Billie razor and haven’t looked back since!

My WHOLE life I’ve absolutely dreaded shaving. I hated the time it took to to get a clean, smooth shave. More than often, I would rush the process which resulted in at least 2-3 nicks. My legs were always red, rash-y and itchy. When I did take my time, I never felt like it was the smoothest shave and the results didn’t last long.  I would wake up the next morning feeling like a prickly cactus and have to repeat the cycle all over again. UGH! Can you relate?

After I heard a few people rave about Billie, I decided to make the switch this summer. In all honesty, I really didn’t think that it would make much difference…a mean a razor is just a razor, right? WRONG. Billie has completely changed my experience with shaving in the best way possible.

Billie, a female first razor subscription brand, makes affordable razors and body products with the cutest packaging. But thats where the cute ends… Billie razors mean business. They take the hassle out of one of the most annoying parts of our daily routines and actually make it enjoyable.

For just $9, you can get the starter kit, which comes with a Billie handle (5 color options), a magnetic holder and two 5-blade razor cartridges. Yes…that’s a steal of a deal all for just $9 (oh, and the shipping is always free!). After that, Billie will send you 4 cartridges every 1 month, 2 months or 3 months based on your preferred frequency. Again, this is just $9 flat. Billie also has a shave cream, body lotion and body wash (along with some other products), that you can add on, starting at just $8. Again, free shipping and no hidden fees.

So, why does Billie work for me? First off, Billie razors are encased in a charcoal shave soap, free of toxins and additives. Once I started using my Billie razor, I immediately noticed my legs were smoother. Gone were the rash-y red bumps and my legs stopped itching…a problem I had for YEARS. Like seriously, after shaving my legs I would sometimes itch so terribly I would get bruises from scratching so hard. I have not had that problem since making the switch.

The 5 sharp blades and the rounded cartridge of the Billie razor truly allow me to get the closest shave I’ve ever gotten. Before Billie, I was shaving every single day. Now, I go 2, sometimes 3 days without shaving. This has been a HUGE benefit for me and one of the main reasons why I won’t go back to any other razor.

The simplistic design of the razor makes it super easy to hold and get to all of the hard to reach angles while shaving. I also love the magnetic holder which takes away all of the issues with where to put your razor. This one actually stays put (no clattering into the tub at 2 am to wake you up like there is a burglar in the house).

The subscription service has also been beneficial. I was ALWAYS using my razor for way too long because I either forgot to get them or just didn’t feel like paying $$$ for razors I felt didn’t really do their job. Now, I get new blades delivered to my house monthly along with a few other add-ons. I love the shave cream (really nourishing) and the body lotion (moisturizing and smells amazing!).

On top of everything, Billie also supports women’s causes around the world. They donate 1% of all revenue to organizations committed to building brighter futures for all women.

You can give the gift of smooth legs this holiday season through Billie’s gifting page. The recipient will receive the starter kit. Depending on your order, Ongoing replacement cartridges will be sent every two months for 6-12 months. Gift this to all the ladies you love in your life, but most importantly, gift this to yourself. Who deserves smooth skin more than you? I promise, a Billie subscription is the gift you’ve always wanted!

A big thanks to Billie for sponsoring this post! As always, all selections and opinions are my own.