Winter Days

Flannel: Forever 21, Cardigan: Target, Necklace: Gift from Mom:) Skinnys: American Eagle, Boots: Nordstrom BP (HERE)

I seem to be on a cardigan kick lately. I wear one over EVERYTHING! I have also been wearing these boots often. I purchased them from Nordstroms (link under first picture) and adore them. My favorite parts? The zipper in the back and the height…they go just below my knee. I’m definitely lusting after the dark brown pair (the website says they are grey but I’m definitely seeing brown…?).

Winter has officially announced its arrival with a winter advisory warning. Yay. Luckily, my college town has not been hit full force yet, but my hometown seems to be getting the brunt of it. Fingers crossed that it clears up so I can drive home tomorrow!!

PS sorry for the fabulous mirror shots. My mirror is coated in a fine layer of hairspray grime and I can’t find any windex:/ oops!

Early Mornings

Shirt: Old (Macy’s?), Cardigan: Urban Outfitters, Leggings: Target, Boots: Delias

Boots: Delias (HERE)

Getting up and getting ready for school has been so hard lately! I’m not sure if the freezing weather is to blame, or if it’s my lack of motivation in my last few weeks of my last semester of college classes EVER. Any how, waking up at 6:30 am is a difficult task when I have hours of class ahead of me and it’s 20 degrees outside with a bone chilling wind that could possibly sweep me off my feet. I have definitely been steering towards outfits that allow me to wear as many layers as possible. I’ve also been mixing in a lot of my college gear…nostalgia has kicked in. Today, I fought the urge to throw on my favorite hoodie, yoga pants and uggs (college student must haves) and wore a cute chiffon-y tunic, leggings, boots and a cardi. A cardigan, leggings and a long tunic are often my go to look and I love the color combo of this outfit! Have I mentioned that I also love the look of lace up combat boots? They add the perfect touch to a girly outfit, roughing it up justttt a bit. These are my absolute favorite pair that I got from Delia’s over a year ago. Delia’s still carries them, but they are on clearance (bonus!) and in black. I might just have to order them.

I am counting down the days until I head home for Thanksgiving. I cannot wait for home cooked meals, TV (I have no cable in college land:[ ) and my family!

On the Hunt

As I look at various blogs, magazines and people on the street, I’m noticing some key pieces I am without. Many of these items are ones I have tried to purchase in the past few months but have no such luck. Therefore, I’m on the hunt.

THE List

1. Boyfriend Blazer

– I am seriously dying to get my hands on the perfect black boyfriend blazer. I’ve imagined so many outfits that are centered around this piece…the only thing missing? The blazer itself.

2. Colored Skinny Jeans

– Have you seen the 55 colors by Joes Jeans? WANT. The only thing making it difficult is the fact that there are 55 colors to choose from. With so many options, what’s a girl to do?!

So many options! Which would you choose?!

1. Chambray Shirt

– I have been on the hunt for the perfect chambray shirt for quite sometime. I think I need to quit being so picky and just buy one already…I mean what is there to be picky about really? The dye…the length…the buttons….

2. Nude Cape

– This was a trend I was a little bit unsure of. A few weeks ago, a friend of mine showed up in one and completely changed my perspective. She paired it perfectly with a pair of skinnys and boots. Simplistic yet chic<3

3. Chunky Pull Over Sweaters

– The perfect layering piece that no girl’s closet should be without. My poor closet is seriously sad.

4. Pencil Skirt

For some reason, I have this image in my head of me in the classroom in the cutest teacher outfit everrr that includes the perfect pencil skirt. I have had no such luck finding that perfect pencil skirt. Please tell me that someday we might meet?

It may take weeks, or months, or years (doubt it), but I will find these items. When I do, I will definitely share all of the juicy details!

Happy hunting!

xo Ashley

Pretty in Pink

Cardigan: Nordstroms, Tank: Urban Outfitters, Jeans: Hudsons, Boots: Old, Ring: Vintage (from Nana :] )

When looking through my closet last night, I stumbled across this strapless top from Urban Outfitters that I bought at least 2 years ago. Don’t you love when you forget about a piece of clothing and pulling it out from the depths of your closet is like finding buried treasure? Anyways, I paired it with a oatmeal colored shrug/cardigan, skinny jeans and lace up boots. Very simple, but the top is too cute to be overshadowed. I also wore my absolute favorite ring. This ring was given to me by my Nana (grandma), and was the first real piece of jewelry (other than her wedding rings) given to her by my Papa.