Overalls: Free People ‘Washed Denim Overalls’ in the Brady Wash

Top: Free People ‘Hard Candy Stripe Cuff Top’

Vest: North Face ‘Aconcagua Vest’ 

Hat: Free People ‘Pom Pom Mohair Beanie’

Boots: Mom’s circa the late 80’s

These pictures were snapped this weekend during some freak snow flurries. Friday was absolutely gorgeous with a clear, sunny sky and the 50 degree temps had melted any clues that there had ever been snow. Saturday, I woke to snow flakes and 30 degrees, and it continued to snow ALL day. Although I am a summer girl through and through, I don’t mind the snow when I don’t have to drive anywhere, I’m sitting inside, on the weekend or when dressed appropriately 🙂 

So wearing snow boots (my mom’s, from the 80’s….I like them) and my favorite hat, I ventured out for about 10 minutes to admire the pretty snowflakes and throw a few snowballs at my sister. That was good enough for me. Then it was back inside for some netflix and hot chocolate.

Meet my latest obsession…overalls. My sweet boyfriend got me this absolutely perfect pair from Free People and I would be lying if I told you I didn’t want to wear them every single day. Thank you sweet boyfriend of mine for knowing me so well! 

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May Favorites

{May Favorites}

The things I’ve been loving all month long

Daily Look: I discovered DailyLook this winter, but did not make a purchase until recently. Needless to say, I am now obsessed. For those of you that don’t know, DailyLook is an online shopping experience like none other. Every day, they release a handful of outfits featuring the latest trends and the pieces that you have seen everywhere. I love that they actually style entire outfits that you can purchase, or you have the option to shop piece by piece like a regular online store. I check DailyLook every day just for inspiration. Check it out now and sign up HERE to receive $10 off your first purchase. Here are some current outfits I’m drooling over…

Floral Combat

I need floral overalls in my life ASAP.

Leader of the Pack

These leggings paired with the nude is so chic! I definitely see this as something I could re-create!

Gypsy Travels

Fingers crossed I don’t cave and buy this entire outfit…

Starlet Sensation

Not crazy about the shoes…but that dress. Summer simplicity at it’s finest. 

Target Glitter Sandals: These babies are by far one of the best purchases I have ever made. So great in fact, that I have considered buying a backup pair. I’ve actually had these since April, but did not wear them until May. Say what!?! I know…I can’t believe I made my feet wait that long to enjoy a comfortable, glittery target sandal party either. The Lavada Slide Sandals (otherwise known as Target Glitter Sandals) are only $16.99 at your nearest Target. Buy them now (HERE). You can thank me later 🙂 

Target Xhilaration Lavada Slide Sandals 

Game of Thrones: I didn’t think that Game of Thrones would be my cup of tea, but boy was I wrong. My boyfriend and I started watching the first season and we became hooked fast. It has everything any epic story requires…action, romance, adventure, and a few seriously attractive actors (I’m sort of crushing on Jon Snow). We are almost already caught up and I’m getting a little anxious thinking about what I will do without any new episodes. I started reading the first book and I’m really enjoying it, although I think it will take me at least 2 months to get through (it’s over 800 pages!). For the first time, I’m glad I watched the show before reading the book, as it allowed me to grasp what is going on and help me to remember who is who (it can be confusing at times). A warning to those of you who are thinking of watching it…as it is HBO, it definitely has mature content (in the words of my bff…”it’s filthy”). For those of you who are not phased by this warning, I definitely recommend watching it! Let me know what you think! 

Season 1 on DVD! And pringles…

 My monthly favorites including Game of Thrones…and pringles (I guess this should be on my monthly favorites list, too!) 

(photos from my instagram – follow me @twentiesgirlstyle)

The Great Gatsby: I read the book for the first time, saw the movie and have been listening to the soundtrack non-stop this month. Im obsessed with everything Gatsby. OBSESSED. Enough said. What are your thoughts?!

Young And Beautiful by Va – on Grooveshark

This song though. You all know my love for Lana. It’s perfection. 

What were some of your favorites this month?