Work Necessities: Packed for Confidence with #ubykotex

Life happens.

Maybe when you least expect it, or when you are the most unprepared, but one thing is for sure…it happens. 

As a teacher, I learned very early on to ALWAYS come to school prepared. With my own classroom, I already have a lot of necessities I might need tucked away in a cupboard at work (including an emergency kit with toothpaste, a toothbrush, etc…hey, you never know!), but there are a few things I always make sure to have in my bag. The important things I might need when traveling from school to meetings, or stashed for a rainy day, always make the trip to school with me in the morning, tucked in my trusty bag! 

Scroll down to see what I carry! 

 School Bag Necessities

Planner: This Erin Condren teacher plan book is my LIFE. It is so amazing as it has both teacher plan pages and monthly planner pages that help keep my crazy life organized. A little spendy, but worth it when used multiple times during the day! Definitely my favorite planner layout I have seen yet and so easy to use, that I can effortlessly follow my day plans and make sure I don’t miss a beat! 

Notepads and Pens: I always carry multiple notepads and pens with me. You never know when you may need to take notes, make a shopping list or to do list! I am constantly listing things I need to get done to prepare for the next day. This usually helps me round up what I need to get done or take home to have ready for the next school day. I also use them to jot down blog ideas. You never know when you might be inspired!

Make-Up Remover Wipes: These are in my bag for my late evenings at work. School gets out a little after 2, but I am usually there until 5 or later. I don’t know about you, but taking off my make-up is one of my favorite things after a long day! These Simple cleansing facial wipes are so refreshing and help remove all of my make-up easily. 

Hair Brush: I literally can’t get through a day of work without brushing my hair through at least 2 or 3 times! I don’t know what it is about being at school, but my hair ALWAYS get’s knotted. This detangler brush is perfect for quickly swiping through my hair to remove those pesky knots! 

Lipstick: A neutral lipstick is a must have in my school bag. This one is by Bite cosmetics in the color fig. I love putting some on throughout the day, especially after lunch, as a little pick me up. Nothing like adding a little lipstick to boost your confidence! 

Fizzy Drink: I quit drinking soda about a year ago, but still crave the fizz. I usually tote a fizzy drink, like sparkling juice or water, to give me that little bit of fizz I need to keep me going through my day. I am currently addicted to Izze sparkling juices

Feminine Products: This is a MUST. You never know when Aunt Flo will come knocking at the door! I always feel better knowing I have some stashed in my bag for emergencies! And U by Kotex have quickly become my product of choice. 

 These U by Kotex pads and tampons are PERFECT for a girl on the go. I am in love with the bright colors and fun prints of the packaging. I usually stash my feminine products in a secret compartment in my bag, but the packaging on these pads is so cute and discreet (i.e it doesn’t scream HEY…I’M A PAD!) that tossing them in my bag is a non-issue. I was in awe of the selection of U by Kotex products at my local Wal-Mart…seriously, they have something for every girl! I picked up a bonus pack of my favorite Ultra Thin liners and was so excited to see an adorable patterned Kleenex pack included! More adorably packaged life necessities? Yes, please!

Being prepared is a huge confidence booster for me. I know that when prepared for the little things (including a pesky period), nothing can catch me by surprise! 
What is one of your necessities you can’t leave the house without? 

This post was sponsored by U by Kotex, but all opinions are my own.