Cozy Cream Sweater

 Sweater // Grey Skinnys // Suede Booties // Rebecca Minkoff Bag // Pom Hat // Taudrey ‘World is Your Oyster’ Necklace

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Guys…it’s snowing.

I enjoy snow best when I am snuggled up with a blanket, sipping hot chocolate and watching a Christmas movie.

Although I have to tell you, when my first grade kiddos discovered it was snowing yesterday, it kind of melted my heart. We were lining up for lunch, and one student happened to glance out the window. “IT’S SNOWING,” she screamed and I watched 21 first graders flock to the windows. They seemed to lose their minds for about 30 seconds as a few ran around screaming while others jumped up and down. I had to smile. Oh the joys of snow when you are 7 years old. “Okay…okay,” I laughed as I tried to get them to calm down. Finally I told them we would celebrate by doing a snow dance. “Dance like a snowflake! But snowflakes don’t talk, so shhhhh!” They took this very seriously and it was SO cute. Do you remember the joy you felt when you were little on the first snow fall of the season?

PS this sweater is perfect for snuggling up and watching the snow fall and it’s currently on sale! It comes in 5 colors and is perfectly oversized (I’m wearing an XS) and ridiculously cozy!