Becoming the Garza’s: First Look & Bridal Party

Sharing our second batch of wedding photos today (see getting ready photos here)…the first look and some of our bridal party! 

We got married in our home town at the beautiful venue, Hampton Hideaway. Tucked away in the mountains, it had the orchard trees and open space that I always craved, along with my reception must…a rustic barn. I was never one to plan out my wedding, but I did have two MUSTS…a barn for reception and a flower crown. 

Our wedding took place on possibly the hottest summer day of the year, with temps reaching over 100 degrees. It was hot and muggy and my sister did an amazing job of capturing these images despite us complaining about the heat. It was unbelievably hot! However, as I held E’s hand around the side of the barn, getting ready to see him for the first time as his bride, the heat melted away and all I saw was him. It was a truly magical moment! I definitely recommend doing a first look if you have the chance!